Gidi Shalom Bendor


Founder & CEO


Education and Certificates

  • MBA from San Jose State University under the prestigious Apple Computer Management Masters Program
  • BA degree in Computer Science and Economics (double major) from Bar-Ilan University in Israel
  • Member of the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA)


  • His extensive career consists of co-founding and serving as CEO of several companies, including:
  • Prior to founding S-Cube, Gideon was a partner at DB Investment House where he initiated and led the professional service group
  • Over 30 years of experience in management and R&D, particularly in high-tech and bio-tech companies

Founded S-Cube in 2008. Since founding S-Cube, Gideon has performed and supervised over 2,000 valuations, serving clients ranging from small closely held businesses to large multinational companies. Gideon has participated in a wide variety of valuation engagements for tax planning and compliance, financial statement reporting and strategic planning.Gideon has extensive experience serving clients in many industries, including financial services, medical devices, manufacturing, real estate, technology and telecommunications. His experience includes several aspects of valuation including valuations of common shares as per the requirements of Section 409A of the IRS, valuation of employee stock options, purchase price allocation (PPA) studies and more. Since founding S-Cube, Gideon has participated and led events and seminars regarding various aspects of valuations and investments as well as performing lectures in top accounting and law firms in Israel.

  • I-labs – a professional services company
  • I-impact – developed analytic software and solutions to increase the effectiveness of customer retention and cross sell and acquisition programs
  •  CytoView – created tools for complex analysis of molecular imaging for research and drug discovery

Gideon served for almost 12 years in a variety of management positions at Apple Computer at their headquarters in California and in Israel.

50000Sailing hours
15000Hours spent cooking
4500Volunteer work hours